Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I've been working towards some new shapes from my initial drawings which I have previously posted. I've been busy making moulds of two of the shapes and I've begun to cast them. Here's some of the first ones out of the kiln.

I'm planning on using an earthenware slip for the next batch so I can achieve a lighter piece by casting thinner. Also I'm just about to test of some lustre painting on some of the designs. Check back soon to see progress

Saturday, 15 March 2014

New work

A selection of photos of my new weather range. The plates are functional and also can be used for home decoration. Photo credit to David Pack.

Raku firing

I'm so lucky to be able to teach students how to do a raku firing. This is my favourite demonstration I show students- if not a little hot and smokey. Here's some photos of the last firing with a few pictures of the results.


What an amazing evening! With thanks to David Pack for with great photo skills. I find photographing my work is so inspiring. It's the one chance to place all my work together and see it in a clean space before it goes into a gallery. Here's a behind the scenes shot