Sunday, 1 December 2013

Gallet De Rois / Good Luck Charms

Yesterday I had an amazing time by having a day trip to Lille in France. I went around the Grand Palace Christmas market and came across an amazing stall which sold gaudy modern 'La Feve' 's. I took some pictures to post on here, but within doing so realised that I hadn't actually written about their connection with my work.
The Gallette des Rois cake is baked for French people to celebrate Epiphany ( The arrival of the three wise men) It is given on 6th January. The Gallette des Rois is a round pastry cake which contains frangipane. The cake is baked with a small figurine inside. When the cake is cut and given out to the family the person who is lucky enough to get the slice with the figurine or 'la feve' inside becomes the king for the day and is meant to then have good luck.

My shrine / good luck charms are made using antique La Feve figurings which I found in a French market last year. They are traditionally made from porcelain or bone china and are hand painted in brighton colours. My figurines are moulded from the traditional La Feve's and are hand painted with a gold lustre. They are then attached into the ceramic surrounds which I have made. They can be used as Christmas decorations or good luck charms for the house. Each one is different.

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