Monday, 21 November 2011

Made Stand


After a tiring weekend of selling at the Craft fair in Brighton I've decided to update my blog so you can see my stand if you didn't manage to make it along. A beautiful round glassed cabinet that used to be my grandfathers held all of my necklaces and watch bracelets. I sold my new range of collection display jewellery, mugs, wall collection displays cards and buttons.


  1. Nice tall mugs on the third picture! Coiled or thrown?

  2. They are press moulded! Ive taken moulds from an existing object ( in this case a measuring cylinder and a bowl and also a handle I found in the river bed in Suffolk). Then for the decoration I have individually pressed letters, numbers and punctuation from a set of old letter press letters into the clay. Glad you like, I've got to go into production now as I nearly sold out! xx

  3. Ace! So they're frankenstein pots! One of my favourite potters (Walter Keeler) was an avid collector of found pottery.