Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mug mental

Just had a mega productive day, made more mugs than ever in one day. I hope my making rate keeps rising! Tired pottery wheel pose crooked into my spine, but well worth it!

AOH Sneak Peek

This Christmas sees the start of a new Artist Open House. I wanted to show you a quick peek at my installation that I have been setting up this week. 80 ceramic cages have been suspended over Gill Varle's beautiful free standing bath tub. More photos will pop up after the private view so you can see the full effect. They have been lit naturally from the huge bay window they are in front of. For more infomation on getting there please look on:
The artist open house will be running from next weekend for three weekends in total.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Made Stand


After a tiring weekend of selling at the Craft fair in Brighton I've decided to update my blog so you can see my stand if you didn't manage to make it along. A beautiful round glassed cabinet that used to be my grandfathers held all of my necklaces and watch bracelets. I sold my new range of collection display jewellery, mugs, wall collection displays cards and buttons.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Made 11 preparation

So, final preparations are coming together for my first craft fair. I have been working on pieces over the past three months and finally the day is approaching. Plinth painting and bubble wrapping fragile items are on the agenda for tomorrow. I'll be posting up pictures of pieces you can purchase over the next few days. Come along and see my finished stand along with over 50 other makers at the Corn Exchange in Brighton.
Running Friday 18th November - Sunday 20th November.
For further details about the visit click on the link below: