Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ecuador Snaps 3

In the church at Banos upstairs where hundreds and hundreds of these plaques. Each one with the name of a person who lived in the town. Grouped they were amazing. The way that the metals had changed over time in the sun and rain and how they glinted in the sun with their patina's was amazing. The scrolls and patterns made by raising and sinking with tiny hammer marks. The words marked in permanently with scratched fonts. The Stone plaques were a little less permanent with chips out of corners and letters missing made some illegable. Seeing them on mass surrounding the church arched windows whilst a lady sung within the building made a sombre but peaceful visit.

Ecuador Snaps 2

In a museum in central Banos I found these amazing collections of metal charms. They were crudely pinned into the lovely gold frames with drawing pins. Im not too sure what they were used for but I would like to find out more! I really liked the paper cut out Virgins in the centre which were sun faded.

Ecuador Snaps

Climbing down a number of slopes to reach an amazing waterfall seemed easier with the help of the foot slots made by the shallow wooden planks nailed in place.
Ladies sat with piles of wood by their feet, tapping in nails with small hammers to make these sturdy weathered fruit boxes. Stacks and stacks of them piled high next to them ready to be sold off to fruit sellers. Going to the market previously I had noticed the boxes but hadn't known where they were from.