Monday, 29 November 2010

Press Blocks

Not quite finished yet, but i've been working on two box like containers for a set of letters which I have been using in my clocks. I thought I would make some storage for them as they have been in a mess for months. Im hoping to fire these either on thursday or next week. Im hoping to make some ceramic handles for some paint brushes I have for the container below. Im not too sure whether to hook them on the wall or to have them sitting flat.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Timekeeper

Making the packaging out of a series of brown cardboard boxes and a card raised top. The card top has been covered in illustrations by myself which I completed whilst working at one of my many part time jobs. I don't really know where he came from, maybe out of one of my dreams? The pocket watch sits in the box with a 68cm linked chain attached for easy comfortable wear.

I am planning to develop the designs further elaborating on surface colour, decoration and style, whilst still applying the time of final completion the day of making. Freezing that moment in my memory of each individual watch to pass on for others to view.

Glaze Development


I've been starting to work on a new project over the last few weeks. A project which I have been thinking about for years. With my grandparents owning a jewellery and watch shop there has always been clocks and watches in my surrounding. I have been inspired to create collectable pocket watches from ceramics which would be worn as a pendant around your neck. Being hand built from carefully cut out shapes the clock hangs but remains light weight.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bizarre Bazaare

Just before Christmas I will be exhibiting a few of my unusual pieces of work at an exhibition called 'Bizarre Bazaar'. It is taking place at Thoresby Hall, in Nottinghamshire. I will be showing some of my smaller pieces of work which I have not exhibited before so it is well worth a trip. Pieces shown will include a new body of work entitled 'clocks' and a range of other hand constructed intriguing pieces. All work will be for sale and has attracted artists and designers from around the UK.

Planning for next year

After a few meetings it has been confirmed that I will be exhibiting in two open houses in Brighton next May. Wow, its only just made me realise how far ahead you have to plan for your work to be shown.