Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pickford's House Exhibition UKYA

My exhibition at Pickford's House sits in the reconstructed Georgian kitchen on the lower ground floor. I placed four of my cages on the kitchen table, surrounded by bowls, plates and books and a few pieces of fake food. Overly light weight potatoes, bread and apples have been used in a similar way to my metal like cages.
I found a perfect place for one of my porcelain bases, which I like a lot. I have never displayed them like this but I think that it works really well. The copper really matches with the colour of the painted wall and the circular shape with the cobalt blue china which surround it. The spot lights in the room caught the glint of metal to attract attention.
My final cage, I positioned in the larder. I decided upon this one because it was the lightest cage I had bought with me, sat in the dimly lit room it still showed up with its skeleton like structure. A small window from the side of the room let you peer inside before getting to the room, which I thought was interesting to see two sides to the piece alongside the other original artefacts.
Also exhibiting inside Pickford's House is Anna Collette Hunt, with her large scale platters, which are exhibited in the bedroom on floor one, and Rebecca Wilson, with her 'Eat Me; Keep Me' range. Meeting both ceramicists has been really inspirational and makes me realise that I am in the right career.

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